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Event Packages‍‍‍ and Special Experiences

Make the most of our character visit with special experiences, including decoration packages, to enjoy your celebration in a whole new way!‍‍‍‍‍‍

Private ‍‍‍Parties

Moana Gateway Stand‍‍‍ard Birthday Party Package

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Embark on a 60 minute journey that includes interactive activities with Moana including but not limited to games with special attention to the birthday child, dancing, photo opportunities and magical story time.

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‍‍‍“Know Your Way” Premiu‍‍‍m Birthday Party Package

Sit back and enjoy a 90 minute adventure hosted by Moana which includes all of the offerings from the Standard package featuring a coronation ceremony for your child, complete with a signed Wayfinder Certificate and Polaroid Photo for the Birthday child, a costume change by your performer, and an island makeover with complimentary Moana costume hire.

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Magical Experience Packages

‍‍‍Movie Viewing Package

‍‍‍Does your child want nothing more than to watch and sing the songs from Moana all day? Surprise your Prince or Princess with a royal visit from their favourite Island Chief to a Sing-A-Long viewing of Moana or a new feature film in their own private screening at New Farm Cinema!

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Movie Viewings

Personalised Videos

Live too far away to experience one of our parties? How about a thank you video from the chief? Or perhaps it’s just an ordinary day you want to make special for your child with a message from their favourite character. The character of your choice will speak directly to your child!

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“Happiness Where You Are” Special Occasion Visit

Have a birthday for a special someone but not wanting to go through the hassle of throwing a party? Our special visitation package includes a visit at your door by a beloved fairy tale character, hula performances, and an ample op‍‍‍portunity to photograph this unique event. This magical experience is certain to put a smile on your child’s face.

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